How to Get Rich, Part I

This is a two part blog on how to get rich. It is two parts because there are only two things you need to know. This part is about the first of those things:

Save money.

You do not have to save a lot of money. You only have to get into the habit of saving money. Here are some ways to save money:

Buy your jeans at a thrift store. When you want something expensive, make a deal with yourself to give an amount equal to its price to charity. This seems like it is a way to spend more, but if you keep your promise to yourself, you probably will not buy that expensive thing. Shop for car insurance every few years. Shop for home insurance every few years. Audit your own phone bill. Every time I do this, I find that I am no longer using a service that I am paying for, or that there is a new, cheaper plan for what I am using. Vacation at home. Buy a cookbook and cook at home more often than you go out. Quit the gym and exercise at home with DVDs or just on your own. Invite a neighbor if you need moral support. Turn something you like to do into a sideline job; save the money. One nice thing about spending your time this way is – you won’t spend it shopping. Buy a French Press/cappuccino machine/burr grinder and make coffee at home/in your office.

Think of ten more things that apply to your life and try them too. Make a game out of saving, and you will begin to notice more money in your wallet every month.

Next post: the second secret to becoming rich.