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Cascade Investment Advisors was founded in 1997 to bring the service and performance typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy to any investor who values customized solutions and individual attention at reasonable fees.

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ESG Part II: Why it’s So Hard


Finally, with Covid fading, and the markets settling, we can return to our ESG series. The last installment in this series was over a year ago, when we introduced the topic and mentioned that we would be looking at specific … Continue reading

Marketline Spotlight

Our popular market comment – always a single page – gives you a quick snapshot of monthly market movements and our opinions about direction, valuations, and so forth.

03.19.20 – Investment Update
05.12.21 –  MarketlineApr2021
06.09.21 – “inflation shifts…” MarketlineMay2021
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Michelle Rand’s June 2021 Rethinking65 article:

Breaking Bad: The Bond Market and Inflation

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