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Will We Ever Build Housing Like We Used To?

The US has been building far fewer single family homes in this economic cycle than we did from the 1960s to the early 2000s. Part of this is blamed on the Great Recession and its impact on millennial buyers. But … Continue reading

Smart Ways to Save Money

No matter how wealthy you are, it’s worth a little effort to save money on everyday items. Here’s a few ideas to try: If you carry credit card balances, look for a card that offers 0% APR for balance transfers … Continue reading

When Will We Know When Stocks Are Done Going Down?

The tough part about predicting the stock market is that it’s not only reacting to what’s happening today, it’s looking forward to tomorrow. And sometimes it’s not exactly tomorrow, it could be six months from now, or twelve months from … Continue reading

Bonds and the Stock Market:

How Do They Talk to Each Other?

It’s no secret that the stock market is unhappy about something – and that there are many things to be unhappy about. However, one item is dominant in our minds, though much less intuitive than trade problems, earnings issues, and … Continue reading

October Proves a Fright

Not unusually for an October, the market is giving investors fits. Talk of recession and bear markets is burgeoning. However, market corrections within calendar years are completely normal. We’ve forgotten that these past few years, as stocks have been remarkably … Continue reading