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We Want EV’s, But….

The nascent trend toward ownership of electric vehicles in the U.S. is skating along on a series of subsidies in the form of tax credits and fiscal stimulus to both consumers and corporations. These include a dizzying array of tax-payer-funded … Continue reading

It is Not True that the US Treasury has Never Defaulted

Most recently, market chatter has revolved around the debt ceiling, with finger-pointing all around. Investors, business owners, heck – all citizens, are worried that Congress will not come to an agreement around raising the debt ceiling. But is it true, … Continue reading

Silicon Valley Bank: Update!

We wrote this blog a few days ago, but already a lot has happened. SVB as everyone knows went into dissolution. Along with it went Signature Bank, and now First Republic has accepted capital infusions and loans to stay afloat. … Continue reading

It Matters What You Pay: Where are the Wall St. Darlings Now?

It’s a good time to check in with some Wall Street darlings of the last few years. We found ourselves saying “no” to these stocks repeatedly, as they were retail investor favorites, reminding us of the late 1990s. Back then, … Continue reading

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is nothing. Viewing the stock market over the last several days, maybe it’s easier than usual to do nothing since whatever you buy today is likely to go down tomorrow – but from … Continue reading