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Taxes and Deficits, Oh My!

No matter who we tax, or how high or low we set tax rates, federal tax receipts barely budge when measured against the entire economy. This fact flies in the face of political arguments about tax rates: who should pay … Continue reading

Silicon Valley Bank: Update!

We wrote this blog a few days ago, but already a lot has happened. SVB as everyone knows went into dissolution. Along with it went Signature Bank, and now First Republic has accepted capital infusions and loans to stay afloat. … Continue reading

Tax Laws, Sunsets, and Opportunities

We will admit up front that this article will cover “too much”: that’s a by-product of Congress’ propensity to complicate tax laws and our own desire to give you a compact reference for future use. Of course, we are not … Continue reading

Misconceptions About Social Security

With political debates heating up, it is time to put to rest some myths about the Social Security program. We commonly hear that the trust fund will run out of money; that the trust fund has been raided by this … Continue reading

It Matters What You Pay: Where are the Wall St. Darlings Now?

It’s a good time to check in with some Wall Street darlings of the last few years. We found ourselves saying “no” to these stocks repeatedly, as they were retail investor favorites, reminding us of the late 1990s. Back then, … Continue reading