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The Future of the US Economy

The other day I read an article bemoaning the state of the US economy. I read pieces like this every day, but one comment stuck in my mind. The author pointed out that the American consumer might be in a … Continue reading

Wah wah wah!

The Dow sank almost 200 points today on news that the European Central Bank was not going to play along and buy bankrupt countries’ bonds. This, despite good news in the US on the employment front, where initial jobless claims … Continue reading

Let’s Do the Euro-Twist

Remember the dance called the Twist? Basically the twist is done swiveling around one’s hips, with feet pointing one way and shoulders the other. Watching the Euro zone action has been like watching a twist competition. One part of the … Continue reading

The “Japanese-ing” of America?

For several years leading up to 2011, investors were assuming that inflation would carry interest rates in the US sky high as our government dealt with the credit crisis. The Fed’s “open spigot” strategy, keeping the money taps flowing, and … Continue reading

Greece and the US Markets

The latest news from the Euro zone shows some slow progress towards the most critical aspect of the whole Greek tragedy: stemming contagion from big write offs at Euro banks. As the Euro zone accepts that Greece must default in … Continue reading